Video User Guides

We are delighted to announce the release of dedicated video user guides for homeowners, guards and admins. Each video systematically covers every feature of each version of the app and the admin web interface. We include notes with additional info and will update FAQs for each video as we get enquiries about anything users feel isn’t clear. These videos are made available to registered users of GateKeeper on a ‘need-to-know’ basis.

Admin App ready to be tweaked to death...

First look at the GateKeeper Admin App today. This is the version used by guards, managers and admins to create gate events and allow them to manage the community as a whole. There are countless inter-related features that all need to be defined in details and their relationships specified - so it’s not going to be ready overnight - but we’ll be burning the midnight oil to get this done and it’s certainly a positive start.