The latest updates to GateKeeper offer a wide range of interactive flagging options. This allows homeowners, admins and guards to flag users discreetly to highlight any important issues. It might be something positive like warning about any medical issues or to add important notes for your family or friends. However it can also be used to highlight potentially troublesome visitors like estranged partners, unwelcome visitors or banned vendors. Guards are not only able to see any comments from homeowners but also add their own notes so other guards can see these too. There is no substitute for a diligent guard of course but this feature is an important tool in ensuring the community info is effectively pooled to help guards do their work to the best of their ability.

GateKeeper Tech Variants

GateKeeper’s core technology has been utilized in a special version of the service dedicated to high class marinas. All the usual features are there with some special additions like inter-crew communications - all designed to transform the user experience for marina clients and offer the same exciting features as GateKeeper. For more details please visit boat-keeper.com.

Apple Watch Support

We are delighted to report GateKeeper is working fantastically well with the Apple Watch. Now you can get a tap on the wrist to make sure you never miss any event at your home, any important news or any social event again. An Apple Watch with GateKeeper let’s you stay in touch in style.

Updates, Dubai & New Features

As you might have noticed we’ve issued quite a few updates in recent weeks, just to fix small bugs but still worth making sure you’re up-to-date for the best possible performance. We have another batch of updates and new features planned for version 2 that we hope to have available before the end of the first quarter of 2015 too. We also hope to announce a new representative in Dubai in the coming weeks as well.

Update coming soon!

We’re hard at work on our first major update which should be available in a matter of weeks now. We’re actually adding some new features that will fill in a few gaps we’ve found and added a few new ideas we’ve had since the initial release. More details to follow upon release!

GateKeeper available on the App Store

GateKeeper is now also available on the App Store. The app works for both admins and residents and requires a login to be able to gain access. Residents should use the iPhone/iPod version and admins the iPad version. We are delighted to make our innovative technology available to you finally, we hope you find it useful and look forward to improving it with your feedback.

GateKeeper launches on Google Play

After many years and countless man hours GateKeeper for Android is finally available to download today on Google Play! Of course you can’t get in to enjoy the app until your community signs up to the service, but it’s there now and we can make demo accounts available for anyone wishing to check it out. The iOS version has also been submitted to the App Store but their submission process takes a few days so it’s not likely to appear for about another week. Of course we expect to find the odd bug that we’ll stamp on as fast as possible and we have left off a couple of features we plan to add with an early update, the app is pretty much complete and appears to be working well so we’re looking forward to now finally be able to release it ‘into the wild’.

Admin App ready to be tweaked to death...

First look at the GateKeeper Admin App today. This is the version used by guards, managers and admins to create gate events and allow them to manage the community as a whole. There are countless inter-related features that all need to be defined in details and their relationships specified - so it’s not going to be ready overnight - but we’ll be burning the midnight oil to get this done and it’s certainly a positive start.

User App is now virtually complete!

The GateKeeper User App is coming together very nicely. Still a lot of work to do and the Admin version to be designed completely and tested to destruction. But we are getting there now.

First Betas!

It finally lives!

After three false starts that delivered almost nothing tangible… It feel great to see the first betas coming out of the Last Chance Saloon. It can be done and we are now going to actually do it with any luck. It’s still probably going to take a fair bit longer than we ever could have imagined but we can see the tunnel now, if not the end of it.

New Coders

After killing three teams of coders, we now have the ninjas on it!

This has been a tough one. We’ve tried and failed three times to get what we need. But we are nothing if not persistent! So it’s the fourth team to tackle it now and we’re confident in them and our brief. Only time will tell. Everything crossed and the long journey begins again.


Making progress finally. Starting to see some tangible evidence.

GateKeeper is an extremely complex 4D system and the toughest job is thinking the whole process through perfectly, cover all the angles and successfully impart these to the coders. They tend to think they understand everything, until you see what they come up with and where it totally falls down. We are starting to make some steps in the right direction finally though. Primarily because the brief is getting so complete it’s almost as big as the final service will be!