Free trial offer

We have always offered a free consultation service so potential clients can see what GateKeeper would look like for your community before deciding to launch it. Now in addition, to make it even easier to adopt GateKeeper, we are offering a free trial period in addition to this. This way you cannot only see GateKeeper but use it for months before paying for it too. We want to make it as easy as possible to take your community to the next level. Please get in touch for more details.

New Offices in Argentina & Nigeria

As demand for GateKeeper increases we are happy to welcome new partners from all over the World to our partner network. The latest additions are based in Argentina and Nigeria and will currently serve all of South America and Africa respectively. As with all of our partners, please use the online contact page and we will connect you with the appropriate local partner to learn more about the GateKeeper service.

GateKeeper Tech Variants

GateKeeper’s core technology has been utilized in a special version of the service dedicated to high class marinas. All the usual features are there with some special additions like inter-crew communications - all designed to transform the user experience for marina clients and offer the same exciting features as GateKeeper. For more details please visit

Major Installation Deal Agreed

After many months of work we have finally signed the agreement for the first in a series of highly prestigious locations that will be amongst the first to use GateKeeper. Not only is this a large scale installation but also requires multilingual support and will be a great case study to not only test a very large scale deployment but also offer the client the ability to greatly influence the system and shape it for not only them but the others who will follow them. More details to follow.

Updates, Dubai & New Features

As you might have noticed we’ve issued quite a few updates in recent weeks, just to fix small bugs but still worth making sure you’re up-to-date for the best possible performance. We have another batch of updates and new features planned for version 2 that we hope to have available before the end of the first quarter of 2015 too. We also hope to announce a new representative in Dubai in the coming weeks as well.

Hong Kong is the first regional GateKeeper Office

GateKeeper is delighted to announce the appointment of our first regional partners. Peter Chan will head up our Hong Kong office and is looking forward to getting started as soon as GateKeeper launches. The Hong Kong market should be perfectly suited to GateKeeper with a large proportion of the population living in luxury apartment complexes. Contact details are available on our Partners page if you want to get in touch.

HK Image

Contacting Marquees - preparing for takeoff!

With GateKeeper scheduled to be released within a month we are starting to contact a few potential marquee users with information about our service. Not only to explore their interest in our service but also get valuable feedback to help us fine tune features as we approach launch. Of course we anticipate there will be many changes and modifications made over the first few weeks in any case, but starting to talk to potential users in advance of release is very enlightening.

Admin App ready to be tweaked to death...

First look at the GateKeeper Admin App today. This is the version used by guards, managers and admins to create gate events and allow them to manage the community as a whole. There are countless inter-related features that all need to be defined in details and their relationships specified - so it’s not going to be ready overnight - but we’ll be burning the midnight oil to get this done and it’s certainly a positive start.

User App is now virtually complete!

The GateKeeper User App is coming together very nicely. Still a lot of work to do and the Admin version to be designed completely and tested to destruction. But we are getting there now.

First Betas!

It finally lives!

After three false starts that delivered almost nothing tangible… It feel great to see the first betas coming out of the Last Chance Saloon. It can be done and we are now going to actually do it with any luck. It’s still probably going to take a fair bit longer than we ever could have imagined but we can see the tunnel now, if not the end of it.

New Coders

After killing three teams of coders, we now have the ninjas on it!

This has been a tough one. We’ve tried and failed three times to get what we need. But we are nothing if not persistent! So it’s the fourth team to tackle it now and we’re confident in them and our brief. Only time will tell. Everything crossed and the long journey begins again.


Making progress finally. Starting to see some tangible evidence.

GateKeeper is an extremely complex 4D system and the toughest job is thinking the whole process through perfectly, cover all the angles and successfully impart these to the coders. They tend to think they understand everything, until you see what they come up with and where it totally falls down. We are starting to make some steps in the right direction finally though. Primarily because the brief is getting so complete it’s almost as big as the final service will be!

Social Media Update

Social media update!

We’ve established our Twitter account but will share our parent’s DropSwitch Facebook page, so go there for GateKeeper news on Facebook. On Twitter you can find us @GateKeeperDS.

The website is slowly coming along, but we can’t finish this at all until we’re actually ready to launch really.