• Can I control how many push notifications I get? They annoy me!
    Users can set their own preferences for notifications and more in their app. When these are selected you will receive them whether or not the GateKeeper app is actually open too.
  • How does GateKeeper handle ID verification?
    Guards and Admins can verify ID and are required to do so whenever a profile image is updated. This can be during a personal encounter or remotely if ID info is recorded for comparison and/or the person is known well so it is not necessary.
  • I don't understand the difference between the 4 types of messages I can send from the ACTIONS page in my app.
    There are four types of messages for different situations as follows:

    MESSAGES - These are direct messages from a home to another or a guard or manager. All members of the home set to receive these messages will see them and have the opportunity to respond to them.

    REPORTS - These are for official business and can be directed to all managers, guards or both and can also trigger a push notification if this is an urgent matter that needs immediate attention from them.

    NOTIFICATIONS - These are timed messages you wish to broadcast to other residents, guards or admins. Think of it like a sign outside your house or a posit note on your file. It might be that you want to apologize for work you're having done, noise from a party or that you are away on holiday. You decide who sees it and when. It's a great way to reassure others that you plan to shut down your party at midnight so they can make plans to avoid being disturbed or getting very angry at ten to midnight.

    REQUESTS - These are important, short term messages that can be edited and have push notifications associated with them. So this might be for emergencies or questions that need an immediate answer such as a loose dog, snake or alligator maybe with a push notification or asking if anyone wants to have a game of tennis without one maybe? The sender can update these and remove them. Think of them like raising a flag outside your home to send the message and having the option to sound a horn to draw attention to it if you wish too. Once the matter is resolved you simply remove them.

    Photos and videos can be attached to all of these apart from Notifications as necessary.
  • Can I control what information I share with my neighbors?
    Yes. You can share your contact details and/or things your are interested in and offering independently as you wish. Simply edit your profile and choose if you wish to share your social interests and/or contact details. GateKeeper allows you to receive messages without ever having to share your phone number or email address.
  • What are the Interested in and Offering options?
    Homes can offer services such as baby sitting if they wish to other homes along with details of these. Also let other homes know what they are interested in too so like minded residents can make contact with each other. These options can be customized to each community to suit the specific needs of each perfectly. Any residents who wish to add social interest groups can also send a request to have them added from inside the app too so it can grow in response to resident demand in each community.
  • Why is it important I setup my the profile for my home
    It's important for you to take a few moments when you first use GateKeeper to ensure the profile for your home is complete and all the details are accurate. You may wish to let other members of your household have access to GateKeeper and set what level of access each has. If every home has complete and accurate info then all benefit from using GateKeeper more and it saves a lot of possible confusion later. Guards and managers then create data organically and feed you what you have selected access to so the service becomes more and more useful.
  • I'm concerned about the privacy of my messages...
    Your messages and information about your home are all secure as long as you maintain the security of your phone and password. You have the option to logout or stay logged in and if you have your notifications activated will still receive these even if logged out. So you can only login to review events or post messages if you wish.
  • Are my messages private?
    Yes and no. Yes they are private to your account but not between members of your household. It's effectively like sharing an email address. All household members can see any messages sent. This allows all to know about all relevant events regarding their home. GateKeeper is not meant to be a private messaging service and there are obviously other services out there better suited to this.
  • Who can use GateKeeper?
    Every home has a primary user - this is the person whose email address is used by the HOA to setup the account for the home. In addition any home can add any number of additional users - family members and house guests - all of who can have their access set for the group they are in. So, for example, you can set the children to have access to information but not be allowed to post. Adults you might all wish to have full access. Then each user can further set their preferences on their specific device. The primary user adds these additional users and sets passwords for them on their app. If ever there are any adjustments that a user cannot make these can be done by the admins who can be contacted via the app by the user and asked to make these changes in these rare cases.
  • How do I access GateKeepers social features?
    Initially make sure you setup your own profile with your own Interests and Offers. Then there are two ways to interact with other residents who share your interests or might be able to help you.

    Send out a Request and target it to the group of residents who also share a particular Interest/Offer. Then modify your Request based on feedback you receive. For example if you need a babysitter you target all homes offering babysitting. Once you find someone suitable you can remove your Request. This way all residents offering babysitting help will see your Request.

    Alternatively you might want to search for a babysitter and ask them directly. To do this search the interactive directory for ‘baby’ and find homes who offer babysitting. Then you can choose to message any of these homes directly.

    This is a nice way to handle making connections - you can choose whichever situation suits you best.
  • What happens if I don't have an iPhone or Android Phone?
    If you are one of the few people without either of these - or even an iPod, iPad or Android device - then an admin can setup email notifications for you and set up your preferences for your home. So whilst you don't enjoy the full interactive features you can certainly enjoy most of the features assuming you at least have an email address. Residents can also switch emails on/off on their home’s profile page.